iHealth Track, arm Tensiometer connectable

Ihealth Track

IHealth Track arm Monitor (KN-550BT)

Monitoring the evolution of blood pressure can allow the user and his doctor to anticipate cardiovascular risks. Self-monitoring is possible thanks to a connected blood pressure monitor that provides complete monitoring and data history on mobile devices.

Follow the evolution of your voltage, with this “connectable” blood pressure monitor (also works without smartphone).

With the iHealth Track arm monitor, measure your blood pressure and pulse, check your results directly on the screen that changes color according to the results or on your smartphone via the IHealth MyVitals application. IHealth Track is a medical device *.

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DODOW Bright Metronome

Dodow-Packshot HD Buddha

DODOW’s bright metronome is a device based on cardiac coherence. By synchronizing your breathing on the bright halo, you will gradually breathe at a rate of 6 to 11 RPM (breath per Minute), ideal threshold for starting to fall asleep. In addition, by concentrating on the light beam you slow down your flow of thoughts… hypnotic sensations to consider…

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BLUETENS, your new generation physio

Photo-Trio-Detoure-Bluetens MED-BLT02M-3760071200118

The therapy

A natural wellness solution.

The therapy is a replica of a natural process controlled by the brain, allowing to generate muscle contractions for the purpose of care, relaxation or reinforcement. It is taught in physiotherapy studies and is used throughout the practice. It is integrated into many anti-pain protocols and is an extremely effective natural solution. It is also a training technique integrated into the preparation of athletes, especially for their recovery.

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IHealth blood glucose meter Kit

Photo App Gluco Kit

IHealth Gluco Kit (BG5-Kit)

Follow your blood glucose with or without a smartphone.

The iHealth Gluco glucose meter for diabetic patients measures blood sugar levels. The results are displayed on the screen or on the IHealth Gluco-Smart application. Follow your results and check your histories. IHealth Gluco is an in vitro diagnostic medical device *.

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IHEALTH lancets for IHEALTH lancing pen

Ihealth Launches Box

Lancets for IHealth lancing pen

This box of 50 lancets is used with the IHealth lancing pen. Lancets are small needles that lightly prick the skin to collect a blood sample. They are used with the Lancing pen to adjust the depth and strength of the sting. The drop of blood collected will be put in contact with the strips. The IHealth strip, inserted into the iHealth meter, will measure blood glucose by analyzing the reaction between the bloodstream and the test strip.

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IHEALTH Blood glucose test strips

IHealth Strips

Strips for glucometers IHealth

This pack contains 2 boxes of 25 iHealth strips working with our blood glucose readers iHealth Align and IHealth Gluco. IHealth strips are used with a blood sample taken from the tip of the finger or an alternative sampling site (arm, thigh,…) using lancets and IHealth lancing pen. The iHealth strips, inserted into the iHealth meter, will measure blood glucose by analyzing the reaction between the bloodstream and the test strip.

IHealth View, wrist monitor

Ihealth View

Wrist monitor IHealth View (BP7S)

Control your voltage with or without a smartphone.

The new IHealth View wrist monitor measures your blood pressure and pulse. Check the results on its screen or on the mobile application IHealth MyVitals. Detect the optimum position of your wrist with an indicator. IHealth View is a medical device *.

Your wrist tension
The monitor connected to IHealth View detects arrhythmia. View the results directly on the monitor’s LED screen. IHealth View stores up to 120 measurements before synchronization, allowing you to use it with or without a smartphone.

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IHealth Air, Pulse oximeter

Ihealth Air

IHealth Air Pulse oximeter (PO3M)

Check your oxygen saturation and pulse.

The pulse oximeter connected IHealth Air is a simple and reliable medical device that allows you to know your blood oxygen level (SPO2), your pulse and your infusion index. Follow your results on the IHealth MyVitals application.

* IHealth Air (PO3M) is a device for measuring and displaying the value of oxygen saturation as well as heart rate. This medical device is a regulated health product which carries, under this Regulation, the CE marking. If in doubt, consult a health care professional. Read the instructions carefully. December 2016-IHealth

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IHealth Feel, Arm tensiometer

Ihealth Feel

IHealth arm blood pressure monitor Feel (BP5)

Monitor your blood pressure

Voted best blood pressure monitor connected to the 2016 mobile health trophies. The arm blood pressure monitor iHealth feel measures blood pressure and pulse, it connects to Bluetooth on the IHealth MyVitals application that provides full track results. IHealth Feel is a medical device *.

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IHealth WAVE, watch activity Tracker

Ihealth Wave

IHealth Wave connected Bracelet (AM4)

Physical activity to many health benefits, including chronic disease prevention. Self-measurement is a real source of motivation. To set goals, to move more daily, to understand how his body responds to the effort or to see the evolution of its vital parameters.

Don’t move, sleep better, swim.

IHealth Wave is a connected bracelet that will accompany you throughout the day by following your activity (not, distance, calories), your sleep as well as swimming (duration, types of swimming, movements). It is the perfect companion to keep the shape by setting goals on the application IHealth MyVitals.

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IHealth Lina, Balance IMC

Balance IMC Lina IHealth

IHealth Lina Connected Scale

Intelligence at the service of your weight.

Regularly follow your weight to stay healthy, avoid major weight loss or catch, and measure the effects of a balanced diet and regular physical activity. A connected scale makes tracking easier and motivates you on a daily basis.

Follow the evolution of your weight!

Small and compact, others do not make the weight!

Motivate yourself and reach your goals with our new IHealth Lina balance. Your weight is instantly displayed on its LED light screen, follow the evolution of your weight and get your BMI on the free application IHealth MyVitals thanks to its Bluetooth connection. IHealth Lina saves up to 200 metrics, you can then filter the results on the application to select only your own in case of family use. This sleekly designed scale adapts to all surfaces with 4 carpet/carpet adapters to be positioned on its 4 feet and which allow the balance to be stabilized for a precise measurement.


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