Medical Connect brings a new service to its customers, with the establishment of a cost-over purchasing centre.

Get free large commercial terms and conditions from EXPERT ACHATS’ partner suppliers, saving money.

The benefit of this new partnership is multiple for our customers:

  • Save time: selecting suppliers at best and contracting by EXPERT ACHATS; market intelligence; Price tracking; quality management.
  • Reduce your purchase budget: shared purchases, identical and negotiated rates for all MEDICAL CONNECT customers. Comparative studies of your invoices by EXPERT ACHATS buyers to detect achievable savings, and potential sources of optimization.
  • Maintaining the commercial and technical relationship: direct order from suppliers, local salesman, tailor-made support…

THE services of EXPERT ACHATS and those of their partners have been set up to make your daily life easier and increase your profitability.

Find all these offers, from now on, on our dedicated page, and ask EXPERT ACHATS for a study of your expenses, or a direct contact with partner suppliers: