New service: Order and get delivered in less than 60 minutes! A service available 24h24-7j7 in 40 cities in France.

Quick Service, delivery in less than 60 minutes. Reliability, all products come from physical pharmacies, partners, French, which the patient selects himself. Drugs and OTC, delivered in confidential pouches with adhesive closure. With the SOS Doctors Partnership, have your prescription medications delivered directly to you, both day and night.

SOS-Doctors 2 The pharmacist has the habit of going himself to deliver some patients but for us the pharmacist is not a courier and must focus on the advice and care. The whole process of deliverance and delivery is secured through our technology. The patient at the pharmacy gets his medication delivered in an opaque, sealed bag in his name. For information on this service, contact us via the “Contact” section on this website.

An app on behalf of your pharmacy, Gulliver’s Click & Collect Solution :