Can the pharmacy stay away from the digital transformation that revolutionizes purchasing behaviours and the organization of retail trade ? The pharmacy has not yet approached this turn and displays a significant numerical shift with increasingly mobile, informed and interconnected patients. Digitalizing information and monitoring of treatments, recommending Apllications, selling and advising connected objects “health” are considered legitimate by a majority of patients, but almost non-existent in the dispensary.

Pharmacists and digital stats

The digital pharmacy, is a new relationship to be built with the customer. This is in no way a fashion effect, but a real opportunity to provide relevant services. But finally, what is the digital pharmacy? It is about managing its presence on the Internet, its presence in e-commerce, telemedicine, digital merchandising within its establishment as well as the sale of connected objects… Cross smartphone

In fact, all the technologies that allow the pharmacy to practice its trade in a slightly different way, to the closest to what clients and patients expect. Given the multitude of possibilities available to them, it is necessary to prioritise those which correspond to a real service expected by the patients. The one that is most obvious is also the easiest to achieve, the “Cick & Collect”.

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