IHealth blood glucose meter Kit

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IHealth Gluco Kit (BG5-Kit)

Follow your blood glucose with or without a smartphone.

The iHealth Gluco glucose meter for diabetic patients measures blood sugar levels. The results are displayed on the screen or on the IHealth Gluco-Smart application. Follow your results and check your histories. IHealth Gluco is an in vitro diagnostic medical device *.

The benefits

Monitor your blood glucose with or without a smartphone in Bluetooth BluetoothConnecté to your smartphone, iHealth Gluco is intended for diabetic patients. It allows you to measure your blood glucose and displays your results on the LED screen or on your smartphone after synchronization. Its storage bag will allow you to take care of it and carry it in peace.

The application

Connect IHealth Gluco to your mobile devices via Bluetooth and track your results directly on the free IHealth Gluco-Smart application. Check the history and graphs of your results at any time and share them safely with your doctor. Also program reminders and indicate your taking of meals and/or medications to best manage your diabetes.

  • Connection: Bluetooth Smart
  • Dimensions: 96mm x 34, 5mm x 19mm
  • Accuracy: 20mg/dl-600mg/dl
  • Blood Volume: Min. 0.7 Μ L
  • Battery: USB charger
  • Weight: 53g
  • Compatible only with iHealth strips.

In the box: 1 glucose meter connected iHealth Gluco, 1 carrying pouch, 10 strips EGS 2003, 1 Quick Installation Guide, 1 user manual, 1 USB charging cable.

IHealth Gluco (BG5) is a glycemic self-monitoring device (ASG) for people with diabetes. The ASG is used when it is likely to result in a change in therapy; It must be systematic and pluriquotidienne in type 1 diabetes and limited to certain patients in type 2 diabetes. It requires an education with a health professional. * This in vitro diagnostic medical device is a regulated health product that carries, under this Regulation, CE marking. IHealth Gluco-Smart is an application that allows users to track their data. This medical device is a regulated health product which carries, under this Regulation, the CE marking. Read the instructions carefully. If there is a discrepancy between the result and your current state of health, contact your health care professional.  January 2017-IHealthLabs Europe.