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The therapy

A natural wellness solution.

The therapy is a replica of a natural process controlled by the brain, allowing to generate muscle contractions for the purpose of care, relaxation or reinforcement. It is taught in physiotherapy studies and is used throughout the practice. It is integrated into many anti-pain protocols and is an extremely effective natural solution. It is also a training technique integrated into the preparation of athletes, especially for their recovery.

Bluetens is an innovation that creates a new use and therefore it is necessary to dedicate time to its good understanding. On all the shows we find that to try the product is to get it adopted. The conversion rate after demonstration is very high because Bluetens is simple, playful, efficient, and it breaks the bad image that can have the electro stimulation. Healing, relaxing, reinforcing, these are the functions of the Bluetens…

The 5 effects & sensations

FRICTION You feel a diffuse effect, like a tingling, a gentle and pleasant caress. We use this effect to relieve you of the pain.

STRUCK true percussion sensation, having the effect of increasing the temperature of the muscle and preparation for the effort.

PRESSURE this is the effect most often used by physiotherapists during massages. A feeling of appeasement and relaxation where the hand of the physiotherapist slips on the skin.

KNEADING this stimulation kneads your muscles and relaxes them in depth. Descontracturant Massage, improvement of the blood circulation, cleaning of the metabolites, we will use this effect to relax your muscles and quickly lighten the tensions.

SHEATHING you will feel your muscle shrink and then relax, that’s good sign, you’re in full muscle work. This is how Bluetens helps you strengthen yourself by toning yourself up.

The benefits of Bluetens on the most common pathologies :

muscular and nervous pain

contractures-stiff neck-lumbago-Sciatica Cruralgia-neuralgia cervico-brachial at least one session of pain reliever “acute pain” and/or “endorphin” per day depending on the feeling. Medication: relaxant, analgesic

joint pain

osteoarthritis-arthritis-sprained at least one session of painkiller per day depending on the feeling, acute pain in addition for 2 to 3 weeks. Medications: Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, analgesics either in oral or local infiltration.

tendinous pain

tendonitis: Tennis Elbow-Achilles tendonitis syndrome-subluxation tendonitis… At least one painkiller session per day depending on the feeling, relaxing massage In addition for 2-3 weeks. Medications: Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, analgesics either in oral or local infiltration.

Venous circulation

Disorder heavy legs-edemas lower limbs fight against the disorders of poor circulation. Relieve leg pain and reduce swelling of the feet and ankles. 2/3 times a week minimum, depending on the improvement. Medication: Veinotoniques

Recovery physical

relaxation post-exertion-fatigue 1h after sports activity or if you feel the need. Promote the elimination of the metabolism wastes due to muscular work in order to optimise the recovery and leave like new the next day. Prepare the muscles to reduce the risk of cramping. Medication: relaxant

muscular strengthening

post-traumatic muscular-complement of a bodybuilding program regain a muscular tone compatible with its level of activity. Three sessions a week or more depending on the defined objectives. Medication: Protein diet supplements, creatine.

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