Tucky 1st thermometer Remote and continuous.

This autonomous thermometer allows you to follow the evolution of a fever at a distance and continuously. With T ° Alarm, your smartphone alerts you if the T ° Peak is reached. Very simply, learn about the application taking medication and more…

Child safety

Tucky monitors your child’s temperature continuously, and alerts you in case of a high fever spike.
Fever Alert Time Saver

Serenity of PARENTS

Stay close to your child. Follow the evolution of his health in real time and remotely, whether in the room next door or at his nanny !
Stay away from sudden death risk

Sleep GAIN for all

Do not disturb your child any more, and rise at night only if necessary! Tucky settles in a single gesture, releasing you from the constraints of temperature monitoring.

More Serene Nights

Does my baby sleep well on his back? With its Tucky position sensor send an alert on the smartphone to prevent parents if the infant turns around. Pediatricians recommend sleeping baby on the back to limit all risks.

6 reasons to adopt this thermometer

-Function T ° and Position
-Flexible, comfortable and durable
-Secure, DM certified
-Almost no waves
-No distance limit
-Compatibility with 95% of smartphones