DODOW Bright Metronome

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DODOW’s bright metronome is a device based on cardiac coherence. By synchronizing your breathing on the bright halo, you will gradually breathe at a rate of 6 to 11 RPM (breath per Minute), ideal threshold for starting to fall asleep. In addition, by concentrating on the light beam you slow down your flow of thoughts… hypnotic sensations to consider…

Scientific data :

Dodow is a simple product, but if you want to dig to learn more, here is our scientific demonstration for doctors: Download

“Dodow’s goal is to provide an extremely easy-to-use solution with no side effects and relatively inexpensive to help people with occasional or chronic sleep disorders.” »

Positioning against existing methods

Current Solutions

One of the main tips given to people who are having trouble falling asleep is to adopt a better hygiene of life/sleep, which includes advice such as: emptying your head, doing sports, going to bed at times Regular. Unfortunately these tips are often poorly respected, not always easy to implement and require changes and habits that are seldom at the rendezvous.

Sleeping pills, whose long-term dangerousness has been proven (even from 18 ingestions per year), can only represent an adjunct solution.

Sleep disorders are in the vast majority of cases related to stress problems or more precisely stress management (and even micro-stress). People suffering from these disorders have been too seldom educated to manage their stress and to stimulate a “relaxation response” by themselves. The sophrology, meditation and Yoga that directly address this problem are effective solutions, recommended by sleep doctors, but which, like lifestyle changes, require an investment in time and/or financial therefore.

Dodow brings a turnkey solution

We believe that Dodow makes it possible to bring a turnkey solution, not requiring a change of lifestyle and which requires a small investment in time.

Dodow_fonction sketch BD Our solution borrows from meditation (concentrating on breathing), yoga (slow breathing and emphasizing abdominal respiration), and behavioral and cognitive therapy (paradoxical intent), which maximizes Likelihood of success and allow the patient both to gain time to sleep but also to regain confidence in him. After a few months, he can probably do without Dodow. If Dodow helps to counterbalance quickly, efficiently, naturally and simply the effects of stress affecting falling asleep, it is surprisingly also extremely effective for people suffering from cycle disruptions Circadian (e.g. time difference).

By projecting a light to the ceiling, Dodow materializes a mental object and allows the user to get out of his thoughts.


Dodow is a solution that tackles one of the main obstacles to falling asleep. It is simple to use, harmless, non addictive, inexpensive and usable at any time of the night. Our goal is to democratize its use and to make it a reference solution for doctors, available in pharmacy.


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