IHealth Feel, Arm tensiometer

Ihealth Feel

IHealth arm blood pressure monitor Feel (BP5)

Monitor your blood pressure

Voted best blood pressure monitor connected to the 2016 mobile health trophies. The arm blood pressure monitor iHealth feel measures blood pressure and pulse, it connects to Bluetooth on the IHealth MyVitals application that provides full track results. IHealth Feel is a medical device *.

Simplified automeasure with IHealth

According to the WHO, one in three people suffer from hypertension in the world. It is therefore important to be tested and to follow the blood pressure regularly. blood pressure is said to be normal when it is less than 14/9 or 140/90 mmHg. IHealth offers medical devices for the automeasurement that allow patients to have a complete monitoring of their blood pressure and to be able to share their results with health professionals.  

* IHealth Track (KN-550BT), IHealth Sense (BP7), IHealth View (BP7S) and IHealth feel (BP5) are devices designed to measure the blood pressure and heart rate. These medical devices are regulated health products which carry, under this Regulation, the CE marking. If in doubt, consult a health care professional. Read the instructions carefully. December 2016-IHealth